Application Of TVS Transient Suppression Diode In Brushless Motor
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Application Of TVS Transient Suppression Diode In Brushless Motor

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Brushless motors are usually driven by a three-phase bridge circuit, and their normal operating voltage and current will have excessively high transient peak voltages and currents due to various factors such as load changes and magnetic field interference.These transients can cause damage to devices such as MOSFETs, IGBTs and even controllers and microcontrollers. In order to protect the related components of the brushless motor, TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) transient suppression diodes can be used for protection.


TVS transient suppression diodes use semiconductor materials to achieve transient suppression through the reverse breakdown of Zener diodes. They can absorb transient impacts of overvoltage and overcurrent in a very short time, effectively protecting brushless motors and their components and related devices. In the protection circuit of brushless motors, TVS transient suppression diodes are usually installed at the input or output of the motor to suppress the transient peak voltage and current.




  • Select the appropriate voltage level: The voltage level of the TVS transient suppression diode should be higher than the maximum working voltage of the brushless motor.

  • Determine the circuit topology: According to the actual situation of the brushless motor, determine the placement position of the TVS transient suppression diode.

  • Strengthen the layout design of the PCB: During the circuit design process, it is necessary to avoid the staggered arrangement of high-noise areas and low-noise areas of the circuit, so as to reduce electromagnetic interference.

  • Pay attention to protective grounding: When TVS transient suppression diodes are installed at the input and output terminals of the motor, care should be taken to prevent external static interference and the protective grounding should be strengthened.


The above are some precautions for using TVS transient suppression diodes in the protection circuit of brushless motors. Reasonable protection circuit design can prolong the service life of brushless motors and improve the stability and safety of the entire system.




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