Characteristics Of Transient Voltage Suppressor
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Characteristics Of Transient Voltage Suppressor

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TVS is a high-performance protection device in the form of a diode. When the two poles of the TVS diode are impacted by reverse transient high energy, it can change the high impedance between the two poles to low impedance at a speed of 10 to the negative 12th power, and absorb up to several kilowatts of surge power , The voltage clamp between the two poles is located at a predetermined value, which effectively protects the precision components in the electronic circuit from the damage of various surge pulses. 

Because it has the advantages of fast response speed, large transient power, low leakage current, small breakdown voltage deviation, easier control of the clamping voltage, no damage limit, and small size, it has been widely used in computer systems, communication equipment, and DC power supply, automobiles, electronic ballasts, household appliances, instruments (watt-hour meters), RS232/422/423/485, I/O, LAN, ISDN, ADSL, USB, MP3, PDAS, GPS, CDMA, GSM , Digital camera protection, common mode/differential mode protection, RF coupling/IC drive receiving protection, motor electromagnetic interference suppression, audio/video input, sensor/transmission, industrial control loop, relay, contactor noise suppression and other fields.

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