Main Parameters And Usage Precautions Of Common Mode Filter
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Main Parameters And Usage Precautions Of Common Mode Filter

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The main parameters of the common mode filter



1. Common mode rejection ratio: Indicates the ratio of the impedance of the filter to the impedance of the common mode signal and the differential mode signal.

2. Bandpass: Indicates how well the filter passes differential-mode signals with a frequency within a certain range.

3. Cut-off frequency: Indicates the suppression degree of the filter for common-mode signals, and the smaller the value, the stronger the suppression for high-frequency common-mode signals.

4. Phase balance: When the filter is working, it is necessary to ensure the phase balance of the two signals to avoid suppression of the differential mode signal.



Products Description




1. The installation position of the common mode filter should be as close as possible to the signal source and load end, so as to minimize the transmission of the common mode signal.

2. In order to reduce electromagnetic interference, the input and output of the common mode filter should use the same type of connection as much as possible, such as two BNC connectors or two plug connectors.

3. The wiring method of the common mode filter should follow the correct wiring sequence and correct wiring steps, so as to ensure the normal operation and long-term use of the filter.



How to use on solar inverter:

Common-mode filters are often used in solar inverters to reduce electromagnetic interference to ensure the purity and stability of the output signal. Usually, the filter should be installed between the solar panel and the inverter to reduce the transmission of electromagnetic interference, and an additional common-mode filter can be connected at the output of the inverter to further improve the filtering effect. When using it, ensure that the passband and cutoff frequency of the filter match the system requirements, and take correct wiring steps and sequences to ensure its normal operation.



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