Power Semiconductors As A Key Towards An Energy-Wise Society
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Power Semiconductors As A Key Towards An Energy-Wise Society

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On October 17, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) released a white paper on promoting the standardization of power semiconductors. The book states that power semiconductors are electronic components that are key enablers in meeting the major challenges of decarbonization and digitalization on the road to an energy-smart society.


The expression “energy-wise society” may appear synonymous with the terms “carbon neutrality” and “sustainability” . However, with power semiconductor devices representing the key enablers of this powerful option, the vision for an energy-wise society is that industry and consumers will achieve “a society that uses energy wisely” in which electricity is available and affordable to them and can be used at their own discretion .


An energy-wise society will be shaped by major driving forces, megatrends and market and societal needs that will significantly impact the development and use of power semiconductors, which in turn shall address a variety of challenges:


1.Climate change
2.Achieving net zero or even zero carbon
3.Information and communications technologies (ICT)
4.Total cost of ownership


The authors and contributors to the white paper share the vision of an energy-wise society that can only be achieved by the large-scale deployment of power semiconductors in power electronic systems that control the electrical energy generation/ conversion/storage/distribution from renewable energy sources and through the power grid . In turn this will drive the electrification of transportation and industry sectors, and digitalization of the society in general .

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