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Products——Transient Voltage Suppressor

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Products -- Transient Voltage Suppressor




Q: What is TVS?

TVS is a pressure-limiting overvoltage protector, which presses high voltage to a safe range to protect the circuit behind, with faster reaction time than other protective elements, which makes TVS available to protect rapid destructive transient voltage lighting, switching, ESD, etc.

Q: What is TVS applicable to?

Q: What is the difference between glass passivation and O pickling processes for TVS?

Why should SiPos material be added to PN or scribing?

SiPos is a material used in the preparation of TVS transient suppression diodes, which is short for Silicon Passivated and is usually formed on SiO2 (silicon dioxide) films.


Q:What is the purpose of the inclusion of SiPos material?

1. Protect the structure of the diode: SiPos material can be covered on the surface of the diode, forming a protective layer to prevent oxygen and other harmful substances from entering the inside of the diode, reducing the external corrosion and pollution of the diode.

2. Improve electrical performance: SiPos material can improve the electrical performance of the diode, such as reducing the reverse leakage current and increasing the threshold voltage.

3. Enhance voltage resistance: SiPos material can enhance the voltage resistance of the diode and improve its ability to inhibit overvoltage.


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