Protection Circuit Of ZnO Varistor In Brushless Motor
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Protection Circuit Of ZnO Varistor In Brushless Motor

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ZnO varistors




ZnO (zinc oxide) varistor is a non-polar resistor with adjustable resistance value. It has instantaneous response capability, when the voltage or current exceeds a certain level, the resistance value will decrease rapidly, absorb overvoltage and overcurrent, and prevent the brushless motor or its related components from being damaged.ZnO varistors can be used in the protection circuit of brushless motors to suppress transient interference such as transient overvoltage and overcurrent at the output end of the motor, and play a role in protecting brushless motors and related components.



In the protection circuit of brushless motors, ZnO varistors are usually installed at the input or output of the motor, and used in conjunction with protection components such as TVS transient suppression diodes to jointly suppress the transient impact of overvoltage and overcurrent. In addition, in order to improve the effect of ZnO varistors, the following items should also be noted:


  • Select the appropriate piezoresistive value: According to the working voltage and current of the brushless motor, select the appropriate piezoresistive value of the ZnO varistor.

  • Ensure that the power is sufficient: In the protection circuit of the brushless motor, the power of the ZnO varistor should be large enough to prevent the device from being burned or overloaded.

  • Optimizing the circuit layout: During the circuit design process, it is necessary to optimize the circuit layout to reduce electromagnetic interference.

  • Pay attention to electrostatic protection: As a kind of protection components, ZnO varistors also need electrostatic protection to avoid damage to the device caused by external electrostatic interference.

  • In a word, in the protection circuit of brushless motor, ZnO varistor has important application value, and plays a key role in protecting brushless motor and its related components.



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