US Commerce Secretary: No Plans To Completely Stop Supplying Semiconductors To China
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US Commerce Secretary: No Plans To Completely Stop Supplying Semiconductors To China

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According to a TASS news agency report on September 3, U.S. Commerce Secretary Raimondo said in an interview after concluding his visit to China that the United States does not intend to completely stop the supply of semiconductors to China, and the relevant restrictions only involve the most advanced chips.






According to the report, Raimondo said: "No one has ever said that we will sever ties with China in terms of semiconductors. We provide tens of billions of dollars worth of semiconductors to China every year, which is good for the U.S. economy and U.S. companies, and we will continue to do so. But these semiconductors are available around the world and have become almost a commodity like oil and gas. What we plan to achieve and will not compromise is limiting the supply of our most advanced and powerful semiconductors to China."


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin responded to issues related to Sino-US relations at a regular press conference on September 1, saying that competition between countries should be fair and reasonable, benign and rule-based, and have red lines and restricted areas,the rules of the market economy and the basic norms of international relations cannot be ignored, and issues of core interests should not be used as tools of competition or means of provocation.


"Competition is not the whole of Sino-US relations. We oppose competition to define the entire Sino-US relationship. In fact, the economic complementarity between China and the United States is far greater than competition. The essence of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation is mutual benefit and win-win." Wang Wenbin said,"The systems of China and the United States are different, but this does not prevent the two sides from cooperating based on common interests, nor should it be a reason for confrontation between China and the United States."


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