What Are The Main Parameters Of ZnO Varistor?
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What Are The Main Parameters Of ZnO Varistor?

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Products Description


Varistors are inexpensive, small in size, wide in operating voltage range, fast in response to overvoltage pulses, strong in shock current resistance, low in leakage current (lower than a few microamperes to tens of microamperes), and small temperature coefficient of resistance. They are ideal protection components and are widely used in home appliances and other electronic products.

ZnO varistors are based on zinc oxide (ZnO), mixed with Bi2O3, Co2O3, MnCO3 and other metal oxides, and are made through multiple processes such as high-temperature sintering, welding, and encapsulation. It is a metal oxide semiconductor resistor. It is sensitive to voltage. At a certain temperature, the resistance value increases sharply with the increase of voltage. The resistance value of zinc oxide varistors is very high under normal voltage.ZnO varistor is a commonly used electronic component used to protect electronic equipment from excessive voltage.


Its main parameters include:

1. Rated voltage: the maximum voltage value that ZnO varistor can withstand under standard working conditions.

2. Rated Power: The maximum power value that the ZnO varistor can withstand under standard working conditions.

3. Resistance: The resistance value of the ZnO varistor may vary under different working conditions.

4. Capacitance: The capacitance of ZnO varistor is usually smaller than the resistance of the same parameter.

5. Response Time: The response time of the ZnO varistor when encountering overvoltage.

The following points should be paid attention to when using ZnO varistors:

1. A ZnO varistor that meets the design requirements must be selected to ensure its normal operation and the stability of the protected equipment.

2. Choose ZnO varistors with correct rated voltage and power to avoid overvoltage and electric power exceeding the capacity of the device.

3. During use, avoid applying excessive peak voltage to the ZnO varistor to avoid damage to the device.

4. Select and install ZnO varistors in strict accordance with the requirements of the place of use to avoid excessive vibration or mechanical damage.

5. Safely store and use ZnO varistors to prevent them from being damaged by mechanical or chemical properties.

6. Do not touch the pins or surface of the varistor with your hands to avoid electrical hazards or damage to the device.

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