YINT’s New Product---Hall Sensor Will Coming Soon
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YINT’s New Product---Hall Sensor Will Coming Soon

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In the context of the current accelerated change in the world, with the new industrial revolution, new technologies are in the ascendant, 5G is widely and deeply promoted and applied, especially in the post-epidemic period, more and more new energy, Internet vehicles, IOT, new industries High-end intelligence such as design is bound to lead the world in China. The semiconductor industry we have always been keen to engage in and focus on is full of opportunities.

Hall sensor is the world's third-ranked sensor product. It is widely used in industry, automobile industry, computers, mobile phones and emerging consumer electronics fields. The annual sales of Hall sensors in the Chinese market maintain a rapid growth of 20% to 30%. At the same time, the related technologies of Hall sensors are still being integrated and improved. Programmable Hall sensors, intelligent Hall sensors and miniature Hall sensors will have better market prospects.

What is the Hall effects?

It is a kind of magnetoelectric effect, which was discovered by American physicist Hall (A.H.Hall, 1855—1938) in 1879 when he was studying the conductive mechanism of metals. Later, it was discovered that semiconductors, conductive fluids, etc. also have this effect, and the Hall effect of semiconductors is much stronger than that of metals. When the current passes through the conductor perpendicular to the external magnetic field, the carriers are deflected, and a direction perpendicular to the current and magnetic field will be generated. An additional electric field generates a potential difference at both ends of the conductor. This phenomenon is the Hall effect, and this potential difference is also called the Hall potential difference.

Hall sensor
Hall effects

The Advantage of Hall Sensor:

The Hall switch is a non-contact switch, which has the characteristics of no delay, vibration resistance, long life cycle, low cost and high performance. The following are the main features:

1. High response frequency

2. High repeat positioning accuracy

3. Pure output waveform, stable performance

4. With working status indicator

5. High stability, can work widely and reliably in harsh environments such as oil, dust, vibration, water vapor, salt spray, and large temperature differences

6. Multiple output methods (NPN&PNP each 4 types)

The Application of Hall Sensor:

With Hall's outstanding advantages and cost advantages, it has become a major trend to enter the consumer electronics market such as smart equipment and game consoles.

The Application of Hall Sensor

YINT will promote Hall's bipolar locking type to BLDC motor. It can also be used in white goods, electronic tools, electronic toys, consumer electronics and other product markets.

We will have Halls imported into the product catalog, such as unipolar (gamepads, mobile phones, computers, electric motorcycles, sports equipment), bipolar (single and double coil BLDC Fan drivers), omnipolar ( The Internet of Things system of smart homes such as electric doors and windows, electronic locks, install without considering the polarity of magnets, to meet various demanding applications of industrial/home appliances) and linear (electric two-wheelers, consumer electronics, robots, etc.)...better to serve our customers!

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