3R***S-6×8 Series GDT Lightening Arrestors
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3R***S-6×8 Series GDT Lightening Arrestors

Gas discharge tubes eliminate the surge voltage by the principle of gas ionization discharge. They have high insulation resistance, low capacitance and low leakage current to ensure minimal effect on normal operation of equipment.

YINT provides high-performance and small size packaging (DIP/SMD) gas discharge tubes with fast response speed and surge suppression capability, which reduces the risk of equipment damage, this is also a good choice for protecting devices from damaging by surge current caused by lightning, especially suitable for outdoor telecommunications equipment.


Brand: YINT

Min. Order: 1 piece

Packaging: in case

Certification: UL No: E511538, RoHS

Size: 6mm*8.2mm

Stable breakdown voltage.

High insulation resistance. 

Low capacitance (≤1pF)

High holdover voltage

Storage and operational temperature: -40℃ ~ +90℃

1) At delivery AQL 0.65 leave Ⅱ Military Standard 105 E. 

2) In ionized mode 

3) Test according to ITU-T Rec.k.12

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Part Number DC
 Breakdown Voltage
Tolerance Impulse Spark-over Voltage Impulse Discharge Current 10hits(5hits
each polarity)
AC Discharge Current 5 hits Insulation Resistance* Capacitance
100V/s of Vs 1kv/μs 8/20μs 50Hz 1MHz
3R075S-6×8 75V ±20% ≤600V 10KA 10A ≥10 ≤1pF
3R090S-6×8 90V ±20% ≤600V 10KA 10A ≥10 ≤1pF
3R150S-6×8 150V ±20% ≤600V 10KA 10A ≥10 ≤1pF
3R200S-6×8 200V ±20% ≤700V 10KA 10A ≥10 ≤1pF
3R230S-6×8 230V ±20% ≤700V 10KA 10A ≥10 ≤1pF
3R300S-6×8 300V ±20% ≤900V 10KA 10A ≥10 ≤1pF
3R350S-6×8 350V ±20% ≤1000V 10KA 10A ≥10 ≤1pF
3R400S-6×8 400V ±20% ≤1000V 10KA 10A ≥10 ≤1pF
3R470S-6×8 470V ±20% ≤1200V 10KA 10A ≥10 ≤1pF
3R600S-6×8 600V ±20% ≤1400V 10KA 10A ≥10 ≤1pF


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