SMD1206 Series Gas Discharge Tube SMD
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SMD1206 Series Gas Discharge Tube SMD

  • Package name:SMD1206
  • Certification: UL No: E511538, RoHS
  • Size 4532(1812)
  • High insulation resistance.
  • Crowbar overvoltage protection
  • Low capacitance and insertion loss
  • Optional fail-short mechanism on some devices
  • Devices tested per ITU K.12 recommendations

Circuit Protection2Pole GDTs (ceramic gas discharge tubes), are commonly used to help protect sensitive telecom equipment such as communication lines, signal lines and data transmission lines from damage caused by transient surge voltages that typically result from lightning strikes and equipment switching operations. Circuit Protection 

GDTs offer a high level of surge protection, low capacitance and a broad array of breakover voltage levels, making them suitable for applications such as MDF (Main Distribution Frame) modules, high data-rate telecom applications (e.g. ADSL, VDSL), and surge protection on power lines. Circuit Protection GDTs can help equipment meet the most stringent regulatory standards.


  • Telephone Interface,Line cards.

  • Data communication equipment.

  • Repeaters,Modems.

  • Line test equipment.

※ Disclaimer

Users should verify actual device performance in their specific applications.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The device characteristics and parameters in this data sheet can and do vary in different applications and actual device performance may vary over time.

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Part Number DC Spark-over Voltage Impulse Life Test Minimum Insulation Resistance Maximum Capacitance Nominal Impulse Discharge Current Impulse Discharge Voltage
100V/s (V) Times(8/20 μs 100A ) Test Voltage(V) (GΩ) 1MHz (pF) 8/20μs 10/700 uS(±5 Times)
GDT/SMD1206-091 90+30% <750 50 1000 0.3 0.5KA 4KV
GDT/SMD1206-151 150+30% <750 50 1000 0.3 0.5KA 4KV
GDT/SMD1206-201 200+30% <950 100 1000 0.3 0.5KA 4KV
GDT/SMD1206-231 230+30% <950 100 1000 0.3 0.5KA 4KV
GDT/SMD1206-301 300+30% <950 100 1000 0.3 0.5KA 4KV
GDT/SMD1206-351 350+30% <950 100 1000 0.3 0.5KA 4KV
GDT/SMD1206-401 400+30% <1050 100 1000 0.3 0.5KA 4KV
GDT/SMD1206-421 420+30% <1050 100 1000 0.3 0.5KA 4KV
GDT/SMD1206-471 470+30% <1050 100 1000 0.3 0.5KA 4KV


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