High Performance Outdoor LED Lighting Protection Solution
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High Performance Outdoor LED Lighting Protection Solution

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With the continuous decline of LED costs and the increasing emphasis of governments on energy conservation and environmental protection, the market prospect of LED lamps is becoming more and more broad. High-brightness LED lighting has appeared in a variety of applications, from outdoor billboards and TV LED backlights to traffic lights, airport runway navigation lights, and more. The advantages of LED lights are also particularly prominent, such as long life, high energy efficiency and rich colors.



However, LED lamp designers must first consider the reliability of the lamp.For many occasions, the importance of reliability is self-evident: for example, some outdoor lighting with high maintenance costs, and some applications that are prone to safety hazards, including traffic lights, navigation lights, etc. LEDs are also fragile semiconductor solid-state devices. Its light-emitting principle is that the forward voltage bias of the PN junction of the diode produces a light source. Both LED arrays and power supplies are at risk of being damaged by voltage transients, surge currents, and other electrical problems.Especially in outdoor lighting applications, LED failures can easily be caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD) from a nearby lightning strike. As a leading protection device manufacturer and solution provider in China, Yint Electronics has a wide range of optional products to provide high-performance LED protection solutions for the above threats.


Protection Scheme for power supply


TVS(Transient voltage suppression diode)

The AK6 and AK10 series are transient voltage suppressors (TVS) with very high rated current, specially designed to protect AC and DC input circuits from transient voltage damage, with ratings of 6kA (8x20us) and 10kA (8x20us) ; 15KPA and 30KPA are TVS rated at 15,000 W and 30,000 W respectively, which are ideal for protecting LED lighting in harsh environments. The 1.5SMC series are TVS rated at 1500W. It is ideal for protecting DC-DC converters from damaging transient voltages.


MOV(metal oxide varistor)

The 14D or 20D series of varistors have very high rated current transient voltage suppressors, designed for AC and DC input circuits to protect against transient voltage damage, it has good clamping performance and fast response to voltage transients.


Products Description

The AC line fuse is selected from the 464 series, which provides a minimal, fast-response surface-mounted 250VAC fuse that complies with the IEC60127-4 standard. The 464 is specially designed for power supply and lighting system design applications.
Choose 477 or 505 series of high-voltage DC fuses, both of which are designed for high energy and power applications. The 477 series provides 400VDC/500VDC rated voltage, time-delay, anti-surge fuses in a 5x20mm package; the 505 series provides 500VAC/ VDC rated fuses with high interrupting current ratings up to 50kA in a 6.3 x 32mm package.



Partial protection scheme of led array


This series LED lamp has a disadvantage, if one of the LEDs in the series is open circuit, the whole lamp will not light up. This is very dangerous for the application of some lamps (such as warning lights, miner's lamps, emergency lights, etc.). In order to prevent the LED light from being on when the LED is open, it is very effective to use an LED open circuit protector, which can ensure the safety of the lamp.
The INT. P0080S series product is a voltage-triggered switch conduction element, which is used as a bypass and connected in series with LED lights in the circuit. When the LED is open, the voltage drops all over INT. P0080S. Then, INT. P0080S is activated and turned on. This shunt path bypasses the open-circuit LED and allows the current to flow into other LEDs in the series circuit, thus eliminating the influence caused by a damaged LED and improving LED lighting. Design stability. Compared with the traditional LED protection scheme, YINT's INT. P0080S device can provide a simpler and more economical circuit design,
Its features and benefits include:
1. When one LED is damaged, the entire LED light string can continue to work
2. Adopt DO-214AA
3. It can protect multiple bright LED tubes and provide strong protection at a lower cost
4. Two-in-one protection (open circuit fault protection, and additional surge and ESD protection)
5. The protection action will not cause any negative impact on the power supply
6. Compatible with 10KHz PWN dimming speed
7. Automatic reset after LED open circuit recovery

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