LCD Module Protection Scheme
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LCD Module Protection Scheme

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LCD Module Protection Scheme




The structure of the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is to place a liquid crystal cell between two parallel glass substrates, set a TFT (thin film transistor) on the lower substrate glass, and set a color filter on the upper substrate glass, and control the liquid crystal molecules by changing the signal and voltage on the TFT. Rotate the direction, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling whether the polarized light of each pixel is emitted or not to achieve the display purpose.

LCD module is LCM (LCD Module), that is, LCD display module, which refers to an LCD display product that integrates glass and LCD driver. It provides users with a standard LCD display driver interface (4-bit, 8-bit, VGA, etc.) type), the user operates according to the interface requirements to control the correct display of the LCD.


Liquid crystal displays can be classified into three types according to the driving method: static driving (Static), simple matrix driving (Simple Matrix) and active matrix driving (Active Matrix). Among them, the passive matrix type can be divided into twisted nematic (Twisted Nematic; TN), super twisted nematic (Super Twisted Nematic; STN) and other passive matrix driving liquid crystal displays; and the active matrix type can be roughly divided into two types: thin film transistor type (Thin Film Transistor; TFT) and two-terminal diode type (Metal/Insulator/Metal; MIM).







Discrete multilayer varistors can be used for layout flexibility, and TVS diode arrays are recommended if product count reduction is the first consideration. If the data transmission speed is fast (≥200Mbps), you need a product with a smaller capacitance value, please consult Shanghai Yinte Electronics.



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