Vehicle Protection Scheme
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Vehicle Protection Scheme

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Vehicle power supply

Device recommendation:
  • Self-recovery fuse:
    Please pay attention to I2T when selecting type to prevent the fuse from being damaged during the 7637 surge test. PPTC can be used in some places where the requirements are not strict. Pay attention to the ambient temperature and pressure requirements when choosing.

  • Schottky diodes:
    The role here is mainly to prevent reverse (if there is no such requirement can be removed), pay attention to the requirements of voltage and current.

  • TVS diode:

    1) 600W, 1500W TVS can be used in places where the requirements are not high, such as entertainment systems and ambient lights.

    2) High-power TVS can be used in demanding locations, such as SM8S series, 5KP, 8KP, 15KP series.


It is recommended to use 24V, 28V TVS for 12V vehicle system, VC value is 40V, 24V vehicle system is recommended to use 33V, 36V TVS, VC value is 58V, so the following components such as DCDC chip withstand voltage should be paid attention to. For the 7637-5A or 5B grades that each device can pass.

Can bus protection

Device recommendation: ESD24VAPB

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