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Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) Resettable Fuses are overcurrent protection devices used in a wide variety of circuit protection applications. Under fault conditions a polymer PTC's resistance will rise exponentially and remain in a tripped state, providing continuous overcurrent protection until the fault is removed. Once the fault is removed, the power cycled through the PTC fuse will return to its normal low resistance state.

We are dedicated to the development and production of PPTC Fuse.


PPTC Fuse Manufacture Process:

PPTC Fuse Advantages:

1. With initial resistance value;

2. Always in high resistance state until the fault is eliminated;

3. Due to the small size, PPTC resettable fuse moves faster;

4. PPTC resettable fuses can also provide overcurrent protection (multiple times);

5. The life of PPTC self-resetting fuse can be regarded as unlimited.

PPTC Fuse Application:

PPTC self-recovery fuses for computers and peripherals mobile phones battery packs telecommunications and network equipment transformers industrial control equipment overcurrent or overtemperature protection in automobiles and other electronic products.

PPTC Fuse for network equipment transformers
PPTC self-recovery fuses for computers
PPTC Fuse for overtemperature protection in automobiles

YINT Brand Introduction:

YINT Electronics, established in 2006, a leading provider of circuit protector and solution service, integrates R&D, production, sales and service in one, it has its own intellectual property rights in all the products, the products are mainly sold to more than 20 domestic cities and more than 10 countries worldwide. Our headquarter is in Shanghai and our factory is located in Wuhu, now we have 200 employees and 50 employees among them are in charge of management, design and techniques.

Production Capacity and Equipment:

YINT has been accredited with ISO9001 quality system certification in 2007 and now we have 19 Certificates of Utility Model Patent. Our company has imported high-tech production and testing equipment, all the products comply with RoHS requirements; many series of products are certified by international safety regulatory agencies, such as UL, VDE, CSA, etc.


2019 Korea Electronics Show (KES)

2019 Korea Electronics Show (KES)

Electronica China 2019

Electronica China 2019

Electronica China 2020

Electronica China 2020

Questions you may be concerned about

1. Can you provide samples of PPTC Fuse? is it free or extra?

Free samples for testing.

Professional electronic solutions according to customers' demands.

Customized PPTC Fuse products.

2. Can you provide competitive prices for PPTC Fuse?

1) The price is different according to customers' needs and quantity requirements.

2) The customized products will incur additional production costs.

3. What is your payment term?

100% TT in advance in first stage.

4. PPTC Fuse Packing and Delivery Issues:

1) The PPTC Fuse will be packed in reel or plastic case type, as photos.

PPTC Fuse Packing

2) Envelope for small quantity, carton for large quantity, extra wraping materials will be applied to long-distance transportation.

PTC resettable fuses Packing

3) Lead time: usually within 10 working days after payement.

4) Port: Shanghai

5) Shipping Methods: DHL, Fedex, by sea, etc(Negotiable)

5. How is your quality control carried out?/ How do you ensure PPTC Fuse quality?

1) We have a professional QC Department, every part must be passed by QC from our company before shippment.

2) If there are any quality problems after you receving the products, please make sure that all items are in their original conditions for refund or replacement.

3) Our technical engineer team provides professional solutions and other technical consulting services.

4) Our professional foreign trade team follows up all the delivery process of each order.


1. What is PTC resettable fuses?

PTC resettable fuses are polymeric positive temperature coefficient devices, they are passive electronic component used to protect against overcurrent faults in electronic circuits. PTC resettable fuse is also known as a multifuse or polyfuse or polyswitch. While cold, it will pass a current, if it’s rated current is passed through the device it will begin to heat rising the resistance of the device. This increase in resistance substantially reduces the current in the circuit.

2. How does PTC resettable fuses work?

PTC resettable fuses are a step-up from one shot fuses. When a short circuit occurs, they heat up and transition from a low resistance state to a high resistance state. Allowing them to cool down (typically by removing the power) resets them to the low resistance state.

3. How to select PTC resettable fuse?

To select or specify the most suitable PTC resettable fuse for your application, we recommends a 6-step process:

1). Determine your circuit’s parameters - note your normal operating current, max operating voltage, max interrupt current, maximum ambient temperature.

2). Select a PTC resettable fuse - based on the maximum ambient temperature and steady-state current. Use thermal derating graphs/ charts.

3). Compare ratings - use an electrical characteristics table, compare the selected device’s maximum ratings with your circuit’s maximum ratings.

4). Determine time-to-trip - use defined maximum time-to-trip and/or available time-to-trip curves if available.

5). Verify your operating temperature range - confirm desired performance in application operating temperatures.

6). Verify fuse dimensions and mounting style - for pad layout dimensions or lead dimensions and suitability in end product design.

4. Where to use PTC resettable fuse?

Resettable PTC thermistors or polymer PTC resettable fuses are common overcurrent protection devices in consumer applications such as personal computers, game consoles, mobile phones and set top boxes. They also protect a wide variety of circuits in automobiles and telecommunication networks. In addition to these high profile market segments, resettable PTC thermistors have been a popular circuit protection solution in the industrial and medical markets for many years.

5. What is hold and trip current?

The hold current is the maximum current at which the device is guaranteed not to trip. The trip current is the current at which the device is guaranteed to trip. When power is removed, the heating due to the leakage current will stop and the PPTC device will cool.

If you are interested in any of our PPTC Fuse. or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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