The Main Parameters Of The TSS
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The Main Parameters Of The TSS

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Products Description


Thyristor Surge Suppressors a solid-state semiconductor device with four layers of alternating P-type and N-type material for high-power applications.Thyristors surge suppressoris have the characteristics of silicon rectifier devices, can work under high voltage and high current conditions, and their working process can be controlled, and are widely used in electronic devices such as controllable rectification, AC voltage regulation, non-contact electronic switches, inverters and frequency conversion.



The main parameters of the thyristor surge suppressoris:

1. Maximum peak voltage (VDRM): The maximum periodic repetitive peak voltage that the TSS thyristor can withstand.

2. Maximum controllable current (ITSM): The maximum instantaneous controllable current that the TSS thyristor can withstand.

3. Peak pulse current (IH): The instantaneous pulse current that the TSS thyristor can withstand.

4. Operating temperature range: The temperature range in which the TSS thyristor can work stably.

5. Trigger current (ITH): The trigger current that needs to be provided to start the conduction of the TSS thyristor controllable thyristor circuit.







When using TSS, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The TSS used must meet the design requirements and cannot exceed their maximum rated voltage and current.

2. For the trigger circuit of the TSS , power supply noise and interference must be fully considered.

3. The TSS will generate heat during the heating process, especially when it is used in a high temperature environment, more attention should be paid to heat dissipation.

4. It is necessary to purchase TSS through formal channels to ensure their quality and reliability.

5. When installing and operating TSS , it is necessary to comply with relevant safety regulations.


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