The Rise in Copper Prices And Its Impact on Electronic Component Costs
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The Rise in Copper Prices And Its Impact on Electronic Component Costs

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The recent surge in copper prices has impacted various industries, including the electronics industry. Rising copper prices, a key component in electronic device manufacturing, have led to a small shift in pricing of electronic components. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind rising copper prices and discuss its impact on the cost of electronic components.

Read about rising copper prices

Copper is known for its excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance and is widely used in electronic components. Demand for copper has been growing steadily due to the increasing adoption of electronic devices in various industries such as telecommunications, automotive and consumer electronics.

Recently, global copper prices have continued to rise. Since late February this year, due to the improvement in macro demand expectations, non-ferrous metal prices have collectively risen. In particular, copper prices, which are in tight supply, have exceeded the 2024 target price of US$9,200/ton predicted at the end of last year. It is approaching US$10,000/ton, setting a new high in several years. This change is mainly affected by the tight balance between supply and demand.

Impact on electronic component costs

Copper is one of the important raw materials in components. The surge in copper prices will also be transmitted to the increase in the cost of downstream power devices. In addition, materials with rising prices include epoxy resin, silicon wafers, etc., which are constantly increasing the cost of devices.

Electronic component manufacturers and suppliers are now faced with the challenge of managing increased raw material costs that ultimately impact the end consumer.


The rise in copper prices has undoubtedly affected the pricing of electronic components. As demand for electronic devices continues to grow, manufacturers and suppliers must meet the challenges of increasing raw material costs.

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