P61089 Series Thyristor Surge Protection Device
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P61089 Series Thyristor Surge Protection Device

P61089 Series Thyristor Surge Protection Device, TSS is a PNPN type device that can be regarded as a thyristor without a gate. When a surge voltage exceeds the peak off-state voltage of TSS (VDRM), TSS limits the voltage below the break-over voltage. At this time, When the current flowing through TSS exceeds the switching current, the TSS will be in a short-circuit condition. When the current flowing through TSS lower than the holding current (IH), the TSS will reset to a high-impedance state.



● Brand: YINT

● Min. Order: 1 piece

● Certification: RoHS

● Dual Voltage-Tracking Protectors

● Wide negative pressure range

● Low dynamic switching voltage:VFP and VDGL

● Low gate triggering current:IGT=5mAMax

● High Holding current:IH≥150mA


Application field

P61089 Series are designed to protect communication equipment such as SPC exchanger from damaging overvoltage transients in the second level.

Characteristic parameters

Part number VMGL IPP(10/1000μ s) IH
P61089A -170V 30A 150mA
P61089B -167V 40A
P61089C -167V 100A

Electrical Characteristics (TA = 25 °C  unless otherwise noted)

symbol parameters value unit
P61089A P61089B P61089C
ITSM Non repetitive peak pulse Current(F=60HZ) tp=500ms 8 6.5 8 A
T=1s 3.5 4.6 3.5 A
IGSM Maximum gate current (half sinusoidtp=10ms) 2 2 2 A
VMLG Line-ground maximum voltage -170 -170 -170 V
VMGL Gate-line maximum voltage -170 -167 -167 V
Tstg Storage Temperature Range -55~150 -55~150 -55~150
Tj maximum temperature 150 150 150
TL maximum sustainable temperature of solder in
     10 seconds
260 260 260

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