Application Scope And Market Of IGBT
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Application Scope And Market Of IGBT

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IGBT is the abbreviation of "Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor", also known as insulated gate bipolar transistor.

IGBT is classified into the field of power semiconductor components transistors.


Characteristics of power semiconductor components

In addition to IGBT, representative products of power semiconductor components (transistor field) include MOSFET, BIPOLAR, etc., which are mainly used as semiconductor switches.

According to the switching speeds they can support respectively, BIPOLAR is suitable for medium-speed switching, and MOSFET is suitable for high-frequency fields.IGBT is a component with a MOSFET structure in the input part and a BIPOLAR structure in the output part. By combining the two, it becomes a bipolar element using two carriers, electrons and holes.It is also a transistor that combines low saturation voltage (comparable to the low on-resistance of a power MOSFET) and faster switching characteristics.Although it has faster switching characteristics, it is still not as good as power MOSFET, which is the weakness of IGBT.









It refers to a Field-Effect Transistor with a three-layer structure of Metal - Oxide - Semiconductor.



It refers to a current-operated transistor that uses bipolar elements and combines two semiconductors called p-type and n-type to form n-p-n and p-n-p structures.

Application scope of IGBT

Power semiconductors are divided into discrete components (Discrete) composed of element units and modules (Modules) composed of these basic components.

IGBTs are also divided into discrete components and modules, and each has its own suitable application range.

The figure below shows the application range of power semiconductors based on IGBT in the relationship between switching (operating) frequency and output capacitance.


Application fields of IGBT

IGBTs, which are power semiconductors, are used in various applications ranging from automotive applications to industrial equipment and consumer electronics. From three-phase motor control inverters with high-output Application scope and market of IGBTcapacitance in trains and HEV/EV, etc., to boost control applications in UPS, industrial equipment power supplies, etc., to resonance applications in IH (electromagnetic induction heating) household cookers, etc,its uses are gradually expanding.

The following figure summarizes the application fields of IGBT.


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