PEPS (Passive Entry And Startup) System Circuit Protection Solution(1)
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PEPS (Passive Entry And Startup) System Circuit Protection Solution(1)

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introduction to PEPS system

After two generations of products, the car's entry system has evolved from the blade mechanical key and the traditional wireless key key (RKE) to the PE (Passive Entry) mode that can be entered without pressing a button; at the same time, the starting and ignition of the car engine has also After experiencing changes in mechanical cranks, motor ignition, password keys, etc., we have come to the PS (Passive Start) mode of keyless start.

PEPS structural composition and basic functions

The PEPS system generally includes two parts: a vehicle base station (PEPS controller + body controller BCM) and a wireless tag (PEPS smart key).



vehicle base station >>PEPS controller

The PEPS controller is the core component of the PEPS system and mainly includes the following functional modules:


Door handle and trunk switch detection module

Check whether the door handle or trunk switch is touched.


Low frequency LF antenna driver module

Drives 125kHz low-frequency antenna; there are generally 6~8 low-frequency antennas arranged in the car, and the arrangement is as shown in Figure 1. Drives low-frequency antennas and transmits effective signals to wake up the key and send the encrypted data to the key.


Radio frequency RF data receiving module

Responsible for receiving the high-frequency signal transmitted by the smart key, analyzing the key position, verifying the legality of the key, and providing door unlocking and start unlocking control instructions based on whether the key matches.


Supply module for electronic steering column lock

Provides power to the electronic steering column lock. The electronic steering column lock is only required when the electronic steering column lock needs to be unlocked and diagnosed. At other times, it will not be powered.


Electronic steering column lock ESCL control module

Communicate with the electronic steering column lock through LIN bus communication to complete unlocking control and diagnosis operations. Cooperating with the IMMO anti-theft module, the steering column (steering wheel) is locked before unlocking. Even if you forcefully enter the car, you will not be able to start driving.


Power PDU Distribution Relay Driver Module

Responsible for controlling the relay group and finally completing the function of switching power supply gears.


Start button status indication module

According to the gear position and starting conditions, the LED indicator light on the button is driven. According to the LED light indication, for example, after the vehicle self-inspection is completed, the light turns green, and the driver can press the button to start the engine.


Diagnostic and alarm module

Responsible for communicating with the instrument in the form of CAN bus, realizing alarm and prompt functions, and realizing diagnostic functions through CAN bus.


Anti-theft system IMMO certification module

It is responsible for completing related anti-theft authentication functions.



positioning tag >> PEPS smart key

The main modules and functions of the PEPS smart key are:


Conventional remote control key (RKE) system

The smart key is compatible with the functions of traditional RKE and retains some buttons, which is in line with the original habit of using buttons to unlock, open the trunk, lock, etc.; such as remote unlocking and remote lifting windows.


Low frequency LF receiving module

Receive the low-frequency LF signal (125kHz) from the vehicle-mounted PEPS base station, wake up the key circuit system, and exit the sleep power-saving mode;


Radio frequency RF transmitting module

Send relevant information to the vehicle-mounted PEPS system, match the key, and obtain entry or button start authorization.


Sound and light instructions

 Some smart keys retain an LED or buzzer, and use sounds or lights to prompt alarms or indicate car information.


Other module circuits

Such as main control chip, etc.














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